Barclays Global Investors

Financial & Banking

10901 Gold Center Drive, Rancho Cordova


Barclays Global Investors operates a data facility that provides emergency back-up/disaster recovery services for their San Francisco offices. Their existing facility in Rancho Cordova was at capacity. Our services were retained to provide a potential solution in a timely fashion. Being limited geographically to flood-safe areas in the Sacramento Region, our focus continued in the Rancho Cordova submarket.


The existing data center was fully utilized and the option of expansion was not viable. Data center build-out is extremely expensive and is a complicated process.


After extensive research and facility inspections, we were able to secure an ± 18,000 square foot former data facility constructed by Concert Global Networks in the form of a sublease. Our involvement helped Barclays benefit from a cost savings in the millions of dollars by negotiating use of the existing equipment including generators, batteries, supplemental HVAC, raised flooring and racks already in place at market Class A office rates. We were able to help Barclays secure a new, Class A facility that not only included some of the associated equipment, but included substantial necessary security options such as perimeter sealed walkways and a redirected fire suppressant system. In addition, Barclays was able to begin operation in a fraction of the time and money needed to construct a new facility, and the new location is within minutes of their former data facility.