Owner/User Sales

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As a leader in the Sacramento Region having sold more than 260 buildings, we have built a reputation for delivering solid advice to tenants and future owners on whether leasing or purchasing a property best suits their needs and financial goals. The upside to owning real estate to house your business can be tremendous, particularly if you plan to own the building for a minimum 7-10 year period and have a solid projection on the long-term space needs of your company.  Through SBA lending, for example, a building can be purchased for 10% cash down while at the same time allowing for the necessary building improvements to fit a company’s needs as part of the overall loan. We will provide a cost benefit analysis of a target property under consideration along with our recommendations. Some additional factors to consider when purchasing a building include:

  • Tax savings- mortgage interest expense, recurring maintenance costs and depreciation
  • General depreciation vs. accelerated depreciation
  • Long/short-term capital gains and depreciation selling the property
  • Tax advantages of owning through a separate entity
  • Liability advantages of ownership through separate entity
  • Retained real estate ownership post business sale
  • Realized appreciation

Of course, many factors contribute to the overall success or failure of investing in real estate, but historically this practice has proven to be a consistent winner!