Dr. Jennifer Sweet

Medical/Veterinary Hospital

Folsom, CA


Dr. Sweet, Owner of Blue Ravine Animal Hospital, was a veterinarian looking to relocate her office in the Folsom submarket of Sacramento, CA. The desire was to own a space and open a full-service animal hospital that offered examinations, surgery, dentistry and grooming services.


In 2010, new construction was at a literal standstill. Foreclosure and bank-owned properties besieged the marketplace. There was no existing medical space or land available for lease or purchase. The doctor and her team had no conventional medical building options to explore. Dr. Sweet had outgrown her existing space and there were virtually no other options.


Robb Osborne needed to find something unconventional to meet Dr. Sweet’s requirement of owning a freestanding building that was adequately zoned for veterinary use and allowed for medical parking. Osborne and Dr. Sweet discovered a bank owned, unoccupied restaurant building in the heart of Folsom. The building was ideally located at a high traffic intersection with excellent street frontage and building visibility from a major thoroughfare. Osborne and Dr. Sweet worked with the City of Folsom to complete a zoning conversion to allow for a veterinary hospital. The creative transaction produced a symbiotic solution by revitalizing an abandoned building to add value to the community and fulfill Dr. Sweet’s business needs. Our involvement helped Blue Ravine Animal Hospital secure a new, state-of-the-art hospital, which provides a useful service to the surrounding neighborhood.